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Our Special Projects at ReportOUT

Special projects are our central projects at ReportOUT which compliment our main work of researching, educating, and campaigning. These projects work with partners across the globe to ensure the human rights, and development needs, of sexual and gender minorities are protected and made visible.


From hosting global conferences and writing global declarations, to changing police relations toward sexual and gender minorities, or linking our work to the Climate Emergency, or even winning an award for a global campaign, we do a lot! Check out our projects below, both past and present. There may be opportunities for you to get involved.

LGBTQI+ Communities and Police Relations

How can we work together to improve police relations with global sexual and gender minorities?

Join our ambitious project

Image by Max Fleischmann

Queering PhotoVoice

Take part in our Train the Trainer course and use PhotoVoice to make social change happen

Find out about our global course

I Exist Too Colour Logo.jpg

I Exist, Too Declaration

Have you signed our Declaration to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the maritime industry?


Find our about our Declaration

Green in the Rainbow Project

How are sexual and gender minorities affected by the Climate Emergency?


Read our cutting-edge research

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Flag in the Map Project

How can the Pride Flag unite us globally, during uncertain times?


Check out about our award-winning global campaign

88 Tania Stevenson final.jpg


What is currently happening to global LGBTQ+ human rights?


Read about our global conference held in June 2023

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