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OUT in Mongolia

Documenting the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in Mongolia, our ‘OUT in Mongolia’ research worked with the LGBT Centre in the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar, to map out their human rights and development needs.  


This represents the largest study ever undertaken on Mongolia’s LGBTQ+ community. You can read more about this, and download a copy, below.

"Even though we have every rights to be who we are, we are living in a society that constantly require other people's approval. Public view on the LGBTQI+ issue seems opposing us completely. Therefore, I hide myself in order to live in peace" (Respondent, OUT In Mongolia) 

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ReportOUT worked in close partnership with the LGBT Centre in Ulaanbaatar over a period of nearly two years to document the lives of an a population of sexual and gender minorities. For many within this community, life is improving, but discrimination and stigma remains rife in multiple areas.


Through our close partnership with the LGBT Centre, we are proud to have shone a light on these lived experiences. This research also holds the Mongolian state to their human rights obligations and how their treatment of sexual and gender minorities impacts, and often impedes, their progress towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Please read and download this report (opens in PDF) by clicking here

The key findings of our ‘OUT in Mongolia’ research, found that 


  • 42% of respondents considered it ‘quite hard’ or ‘very hard’ as an LGBTQI+ individual to access the Mongolian job market. 


  • The majority of respondents (78%) believed that discrimination against LGBTQI+ individuals is still prevalent in Mongolian workplaces.  Around a quarter have suffered direct discrimination. 


  • Over two-thirds of respondents scored their mental health as 6 out of 10 or below, in contrast with only 29% who scored their physical health this poorly. 


  • 91% of respondents feel the Mongolian justice system is not fair to LGBTQI+ individuals.


  • 88% of respondents believe displays of hatred and aversion from the Mongolian public towards LGBTQI+ individuals are commonplace. 


  • 72% of respondents felt that recently introduced laws to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity had made no difference to their lives.


  • Seven in ten survey respondents conceal their LGBTQI+ identity from family members, a marginal improvement from a 2014 UN survey where the number was 87%. 


  • A majority of LGBTQI+ Mongolians feel unsafe in their own country, rising to nearly two-thirds when considering rural areas. 


  • The challenges faced by LGBTQI+ Mongolians in housing, healthcare, education and in interactions with government institutions and law enforcement demonstrate sexual and gender minorities are at risk of being left behind in the Mongolian government’s development projects to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


  • Despite the ongoing discrimination faced, around half of respondents feel that the situation in Mongolia is improving for LGBTQI+ citizens with only 21% disagreeing. 

ReportOUT also held a panel event with two Mongolian activists, discussing the barriers faced by sexual and gender minorities in Mongolia, and the resistance to them. Please check it out here >>

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